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NITA is an autonomous Government parastatal under the Ministry of  ICT, mandated to co-ordinate, promote and monitor Information and Technology developments in Uganda within the context of National Social and Economic development.

Below are the Rules & Regulations

Today the Information, Communication & Technology Association of Uganda announced its new Board members at the 4th Annual General meeting held at Hive Collab. The Board Chairman Albert Mucunguzi stated that “Our focus for 2018 is to ensure that ICTAU has a strong, vibrant and mostly corporate membership, fully representing Uganda’s ICT industry,” Full list of Board Members below 

2018 ICTAU Board Announcement by Eddie on Scribd

 Ultimate Multimedia Consult Brings you the “Public lecture on Media and Politics in Africa with Trevor Ncube” Live video streaming 

Live Blog Public lecture on media and politics in Africa with Trevor Ncube


Plus Live Multimedia Reporting with Text, Audio, pictures, Video, Twitter and Facebook

Ultimate Multimedia Consult (UMC) has created the capacity to deliver efficient and useful multimedia news, information and knowledge products and services from a wide spectrum of professional practitioners. We have a pool of qualified and well-motivated media and research practitioners and trainers who are always ready to adjust and adhere to the multimedia needs of our clients and the public.

Our goal is to have well coordinated multimedia Practice to ensure a high level of awareness, appreciation of messages in any media and full participation by targeted audiences in the creation and sharing of messages.

UMC offers communication services for and to many audiences, an added advantage to our clients/ stakeholders to get you multi-dimensional experience and insights in our products services and platforms we develop.

Welcome to the Adminstration Division where all administration matters at Ultimate Multimedia Consult are handled to ensure that all work is done as per the Clients needs and specifications and as per our visionary Work Plan.

This division is also the primary handler of internal and external communication on behalf of Ultimate Multimedia Consult as well as doing public Relations and promotion for the organization. It handles all queries and complaints concerning Ultimate Multimedia Consult as well as coordinate Multimedia Training services. Come and be served professionally.

Ultimate Multimedia Consult is a profit making organization. The Organization pays staff  a specified monthly remuneration and allowances from the proceeds to ensure there is proper administration, marketing and promotion of the company. Other income (in case of any)is used to procure equipment, software, skills development and capacity building as well as getting assets to further the attainment of our objectives and philosophy.

The marketing function is performed in conjunction with the marketing team which markets our services and products as well as give a helping hand in quality assurance and service delivery since they are normally in more frequent touch with clients. The team also works with Administration to promote the organization.

Ultimate Multimedia Consult (U) Ltd

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Ultimate Multimedia Research Division’s goal is to carry out quality qualitative and quantitative research studies that boost our services or for the client’s needs. We also undertake situation analysis, surveys (online and offline  programme reviews, monitoring and evaluation and reviews that help improve projects and programmes. Our research reports are delivered in both text, audio, video or audio slideshows as contracted.

We have experienced professional Researchers, and practitioners who work closely to provide efficient and effective research services

• Quality: Our surveys are of quality as we have our professional research team that collects the data effectively and analyse it using appropriate methodologies.
• Timeliness: We deliver our services in time agreed upon by you and us.
• Assurance: We sign contracts with our clients before we start doing the work.
• Cost: In addition to good quality, the cost of our services depends on the scope (geographical area and time), number of researchers involved and other factors depending on the situation.
Multidimensional nature: The multidimensional nature of Ultimate Multimedia Consult helps our researchers to package your research with better insight and understanding.

The findings can be published on one of the many sites we  run and/ or availed to you in either hard or soft copy.

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Winning Public Relations, Publicity, Media Relations Services

Ultimate Multimedia Consult offers winning Public Relations Consultancy services using a pool of qualified Public Relations practitioners from whom comes a competent team.

Ultimate Multimedia is designed to provide well planned, managed, strategic and effective PR services to organisations and individuals like you who is visiting this site. We specialize in designing and implementing effective, short or long-term, strategic Public Relations campaigns tailored to clients’ overall efforts in achieving their objectives.

Want Positive Image?

We possess one of the most comprehensive lists of PR consumers and publications, electronic and print media around- and close, personal and long-standing relationships with the media that guarantee your activities and programs the kind of positive media attention they require.

At Ultimate Media Consult, we believe a well conceived, strategic and integrated public relations campaign supporting your programs and communication efforts is a relatively inexpensive and cost effective way of enhancing and expanding your efforts. We place even the most difficult stories, achieving maximum positive exposure for your programs and getting the desired message across in the most efficient & cost effective manner. Our proven track record in achieving a high return on clients’ investments/ programs has no parallel in the PR industry in Uganda and in the entire East African region.

We source the best brains for a particular program and give all the advantages of having more than two good brains to deal with any one PR program. Our experience in creating community relations programs is as ample and varied as our clients’ objectives. What remains a constant is the expertise we’ve developed for impeccable PR program executions that leave no detail overlooked.

Customer Tailored Service

No matter the size of the program or event we design for you, nor the scope of your participation, Ultimate Multimedia Public Relations will always deliver for you with the same degree of enthusiasm and professionalism. We provide Public Relations services to Organisations and individuals as well as carry out publicity for the clients in Uganda. Our team of practitioners offers Public Relations services depending on the clients’ demands and abilities to fund them.

Our team of professionals use their collective skills to come up with dependable work with the guidance of the project head, who is always in contact with you the client. Ultimate Media makes it happen through an annual, monthly or per event/campaign contract. Try us, and you will discover how we can open the world to you and you to the world regardless of the size of your business or project/program.

We deliver efficient multimedia production services providing news, information, and knowledge. Whether you need small or big scale video, photo or audio documentation and productions, we have the teams to deliver what you want.

You can come to us for the Production of professional documentaries,Featurised video (TV) programs,Coverage of conferences and seminars and packaging them in video or print form, as well as publishing them online. We also design, edit, coordinate and manage magazines, news letters, brochures and flyers.

In addition, we offer

Website design, hosting and optimisation from $150

Multimedia Journalism & Communications Training from $150

Social Networks Design and optimisation from $500

Live Coverage (video, text and audio streaming) from $200

online advertising Designs and advise from $100

Online communication strategies from $250

We also offer value added news, information and knowledge products.

Through our Production Division we supply quality work, consolidating use of state of the art software, hardware and knowledge, plus mastering use of new technologies in communication related works like the Internet, interlinking software and other Information communication Technologies. We offer exciting services at competitive rates. Our services are executed by a team of competent professional practitioners using the latest technology available on the market.

There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.