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Our Services

Ultimate Multimedia Consult is a multidimensional organisation providing a vast range of services.

These services are:

News and Information

We provide news and information to the masses to keep our audience in the know. An informed citizenry is vital for a better democratic, socially and economically healthy community.

Multimedia Training

Our Ultimate Multimedia Training Center (UMTC) offers top notch Multimedia journalism and communications training from competent, skilled and experienced journalists, public relations practitioners and advertising specialists who have been lucky enough to master the new media and communications skills, tools and technologies to ensure your succeed.

Social Media Monitoring & Engagement

We offer Social Media analysis and metric measurement of how social media accounts are operating to provide a detailed insight on the best possible strategy to create more engagement and improve networking on these accounts.


We offer Live coverage and broadcast of events inclusive of live reporting on multiple platforms like never seen before in the region.


Story telling is the oldest art form hence among the oldest form of communication. With our documentaries, photography and reportage services you can tell your story better.

Event Coverage

Video production, photography and text documentation

Web Design

As everybody rushes to get onto the web or be left behind, we design websites that are suitable to our clients' needs.

Advertising Design

We create and organize visual artwork to produce advertisements for different products and services serving a number of clients.

Communication Consultancy

We know that you can change your world by changing your words and that is why we are here: to help you say them right and in the consistency and following the strategy that will deliver.

Digital Platform Design and Optimisation

We improve visibility and content effectiveness through different multimedia platforms that perform various business functions

Web and Mobile apps development

As mobile phones become the leading media of news, information and knowledge dissemination and access, we help individuals and organisations design and optimize web and mobile apps that best communicate their messages and offerings.