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Date:October 14, 2014

Yaaka Digital Network

yaaka dnJoin the yaaka digital learning network and Get academic materials: books, class notes, pamphlets, manuals, Questions and Answers.
Embrace Learning & Teaching at its best. At the Ultimate Campus Network, you can find and connect with other students and trainers from different Universities, Institutes & Schools who share in your interests/field of study. You can create or attend classes online or access academic materials in any subject at your convenience.
The Best online Academic Materials, classes, interactions among learners & trainers.

The network is a learning platform that provides information for all age groups and categories; pre primary, primary, secondary, university and tertiary institutions. It will be a platform for everyone who wishes to teach or put up their material and information as individuals. have online courses which will be done individually by interested parties, and will further be used as a social networking site based on learning and knowledge.